Water Treatment

TECK 900                                Descaler

TECK M.S.R.                          mud and silt remover

TECK VOID                            oxygen scavenger

TECK-RX 150                         Scale, corrosion, pitting, and rust prevention treatment

TECK 29                                  Close loop treatment for heating and cooling water systems

TECK 404                                Alkaline wash for boiler

TECK 770                                Scale and corrosion treatment for cooling tower

TECK 825                                Non-foaming liquid microbiocide

TECK 880                                Fungicide, bactericide for use in cooling towers


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DESTROY                                Orange scent deodorizer

EMZOID                                   Odour control

FLOOR WASH & WAX          All purpose cleaner

GERMAX                                 Germicidal disinfectant

GUMS OFF                             Gum remover

HANDS OFF                           Spray germicidal cleaner

H-G CONCENTRATE            Neutral purpose cleaners

HI & DRY                                 Dry spray deodorant

KLEEN SWEEP                      Sweeping compound

KLEER GARD                        Surface cleaner polisher

K.S.A                                        Granulated odour control

MAGNET                                 Oil base mop treatment

MULTI-SAN                            Disinfectant cleaner

ODORRITE                             Odour control

ONE SQUIRT                         Spray deodorizer

OXI KLEEN                           Metal cleaner

PBL 606                                  Industrial renovator

P.F.C.                                      Powdered floor cleaner

PINE SURF                           Pine scented cleaner

POLYCOTE                           Furniture polish

PREP                                      Ammoniated floor stripper

QUICK                                   Glass cleaner

RENEW                                 Non ammoniated stripper

TECK 77                                Disinfectant cleaner

TECK 7-11                             Sanitizer

TECK-MIST                          Deodorizer

TUFF-KLEEN                     All purpose cleaner

STAPOL                               Stainless steel polish

UNIGEL                               Scented deodorizer

VANDAL VANISH              Graffiti remover

WALLMOUNT                     Deodorizing fixture




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CITRI-SOLV                            Natural solvent degreaser

COILEX                                    Coil renovator

DEFEAT                                   Commercial renovator

DEGREASE 2000                    Non Butyl cleaner

ELECTROKLEEN                  Electronic device cleaner

FLOW TABS                           Condensate pan tablets

FLUROSOLV                          Electronic Contact cleaner

FREE FLOW                           Organic waste digester

GREASE-SOLV                      Grease trap renovator

H.R. 230                                   Granular drain opener

INSTAKLEEN                        Brick/Masonary cleaner

LIMOX                                    Lime/Scale remover

LECTRONIC                          Electronic device protector

METAL-PROTECT               Metal parts protector

MICRO CELERATE             Powdered enzymes   

ONE-SHOT                             Drain opener

OPEN-UP                                Drain opener

QUAD 11                                 Industrial renovator

RECOIL                                  External coil cleaner

SAN-O-VAN                           Garbage shute cleaner

SILICONE                              Caulking/Gasket making    

SKAVENGER                        Grease trap solvent

SLICK                                     Equipment protector

STALUME                              Aluminum cleaner

SUMP TREAT                        Sump treatment

SUPER TECK                         Industrial concentrate

TUFF-KLEEN                         All purpose cleaner

ULTRATRAP                          Liquid waste digester




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Bathroom Care

BIO TAB                             Enzyme Urinal fixture    

BIG BLUE                          Toilet fixture

BODY BATH                     Body soap/shampoo

BOWL BAR                       Toilet bowl fixture

DETERGE                         Acid bowl cleaner

RAPID GLEEM                Bathroom renovator

REN-O-GROUT                Grout cleaner

SENTRY                            Urinal block/screen

STAT-O-DOR                   Urinal blocks

SWEET PEE                      Urinal screen

WONDER FLUSH            Automatic bowl cleaner


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Floor Care


Acseal                            Acrylic floor sealer

Floor show                Economical floor finish

Kylon                             Polymer floor finish

Radiance                      Wet look floor finish

Gym finish                    Gym floor finish


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Laundry Care


Control                        Liquid laundry detergent

Fabtreet                        Fabric softener

Sanitrol                        Sanitizing agent


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Carpet Care

Carpet king                Dry foam shampoo

Carpet plus                Steam extractor

Pleasant                      Rug deodorizer

Spot Solve                   Spot remover


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Hand Care

Cream clean                            Cream hand soap

Cupran                                        Paint remover

Dermex                                       Health care cream

Dermex IV                                  Pre-op soap

Enrich                                        Pink lotion soap

E-2 Soap                                       Food handling soap

Healthcare                            Healthcare soap

Kresto EF                                 Industrial hand cleaner

Motion Plus                            Pink waterless soap

Rapid-Clean                            Industrial hand cleaner

RapidClean orange            Citrus industrial cleaner

Rose Fresh                                Pearlized pink lotion soap

Shield                                        Barrier cream

Result                                        Powdered hand cleaner

Solopol Ef                                Industrial hand cleaner

Travabon                                Barrier cream


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AR-69                                            Silicone spray lubricant

Beltack                                    Belt dressing

Cool spray                              Drill coolant

Cool tool                                Machine tool coolant

Dry skid                                    Dry teflon lubricant

Duron                                         Open gear lubricant

Duratek ep500                        food machinery grease

duratek mg555                      heavy duty moly grease

durateck mg1050                 compressor oil

Gearlube 85140                      all weather gear oil

Loose-all                                 penetrating oil

Power Lube                             aerosol ep grease

Residex                                      dry moly lubricant

Tecklube-68                             adhesive anti-spattering oil

Slix                                               chain/cable lubricant

WG-100                                          white lithium grease

X-Sieze-2000                                anti-sieze luricant

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Misc. Products


Defoam 1300                        Defoaming agent

Eurea                                     Snow melting compound

GRL-404                                   Floor booth coating

GRL-437                                   Water base booth coating

GRL-475                                   Solvent base booth coating

FLAKES                                    Ice melting compound

ICE PELLETS                          Ice melting pellets

K-901                                         Concrete cure/sealer

KEELHAUL                              Boat hull cleaner

M.S.R.                                       Mud/silt remover

QUICKSIDE                             Contact insecticide

RIP                                             Paint remover

SILICONE                                 Caulking compound

TECK-KILL-B                           Residual insecticide

TECK-MIST                               Insecticide


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Paper Products


A complete line of centre feed paper towels and toilet tissue.

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AUTOSOL                               Auto/truck film remover

BRAKLEEN                            Brake parts cleaner

DIPSOL                                    Dip tank solvent

FOAMY 87                               Industrial renovator

MOTOSOLV                           Engine degreaser

PROTECT                                Leather/vinyl protector

STEAM-ALL                            Steam cleaner

SUPER-SHIELD                      Car/truck polish

TARSOL                                   Tar remover

TRANSIT POWER                  Car/truck wash-polish


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